Mthuli Ncube urges Zimbabweans to use Zim dollar

Prof Mthuli Ncube

BULAWAYO – The beleaguered Zimbabwean government says it is on course to achieve a positive economic growth rate despite sanctions-induced challenges.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Professor Mthuli Ncube said this when he called on Zimbabweans to embrace the local currency on the sidelines of the ZANU PF Bulawayo Province National Cell Day this Saturday.

“As things stand, it’s very important for us to embrace all currencies, especially the local currency. As a country that is under sanctions, it is very critical for us to do that because we have to harness the hard currency that is in the local market,” said Prof Mthuli.

Professor Mthuli Ncube also said the government is on course to achieve a positive rate of economic growth just like last year when the country recorded above 7.8 percent growth.

“We are pleased that we are on course again this year to realise a positive rate of growth. As you know, last year our rate of growth was 7.8 percent, and this year we expect a positive rate of growth again. All figures from the IFM abd the World Bank are pointing to a positive rate of growth,” he said.

Commenting on inflation, Professor Ncube blamed inflationary challenges.

“Inflationary challenges caused by imported inflation and the parallel market are real. However, these are challenges that we have to deal with head on as a country in order to prevail,” he said.

In the same manner that all nations have their currencies, Zimbabweans are encouraged to trust the Zimbabwe dollar which co-exists with other currencies as the Second Republic works on strategies to rebuild the economy.