Boost for Diaspora remittances

Cassava International will from next week extend a one month charge free facility on all money sent between Zimbabwe and United Kingdom and South Africa.

The facility is being provided by Cassava International in conjunction with Ecocash. It will be transacted through social media platform, Saisai.

Speaking at the launch of the facility, Cassava International chief operating officer Mr Tapera Mushoriwa said: “We all know that remittance is a critical part at this economy. For our customers we are slashing remittances effective from the 1st of September for two corridors UK to Zimbabwe and South Africa to Zimbabwe to zero rating.

“Unfortunately this slashing of fees to zero percent will only last for the first 30 days and after the promotion, we will charge 2,5 percent remittance fee.

“So far, the platform will be limited to Cassava remit in the United Kingdom and Ecocash remit in South Africa, but as time goes on we are engaging other global partners who are interested.”

Cassava International, a subsidiary of Econet wireless, recently launched a platform where users can send money to Zimbabwe, chat and surf on the internet through Sasai.