Britain pledges support for Zimbabwe

Rory Steward

HARARE – Britain says it is committed to re-engaging Zimbabwe and revive the country’s economy.

The British envoy witnessed the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare today.

The British envoy who is the Minister for Africa Mr Rory Steward came for the inauguration of President Mnangagwa and paid a courtesy call on the President soon after his inauguration.

Mr Steward said he is happy that President Mnangagwa spoke of economic reforms and his willingness to uphold the rule of law.

On the issues of illegal sanctions that have crippled the country’s economy, Mr Steward hinted on the possibility of lifting them.

In his address, President Mnangagwa spoke of the need to engage the international community and rebuild the country’s economy.

The involvement of the international community is expected to bring investors in the country and create jobs.

  • Dobbs

    Mnangangwa must be careful with foreigen influence. Britain is planning bring all the dispora to vote him out. They do not want Chinese influence. Hi must conslidate power and bring everyone in ZANU PF together. Remember G40 is still in ZANU PF and opposition is now well organise and making lots of preparations to form next government.