Britain to discuss readmittance of Zimbabwe to Commonwealth with African ministers today

LONDON – British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and his Zimbabwean counterpart Sibusiso Moyo are expected to discuss the re-admittance of Zimbabwe to the Commonwealth with other African ministers today.

Zimbabwe left the Commonwealth in 2003 after former President Robert Mugabe was criticized over disputed elections and violent seizures of white-owned farms.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa who took over in November last year is mending relations with the international community to boost the country’s economy.

He says Zimbabwe must become a middle income economy within 12 years.

Britain is keen to get Zimbabwe back into the fold but wants it to hold free and fair elections that will be acceptable to the international community.

Mnangagwa has pledged to hold peaceful, free, fair, transparent and credible elections and has invited both international and regional observers.