Is Nicki Minaj going through an identity crisis?

Nicki Minaj

Her comments came as a shock to the Barbz and her casual fans, as the ‘Only’ hitmaker built her career on being sex-positive and empowering women to do whatever they want with their bodies.

During the interview she also made reference to “modern-day prostitutes: She said:  “I didn’t realise how many girls were modern-day prostitutes … Whether you’re a stripper, or whether you’re an Instagram girl —these girls are so beautiful and they have so much to offer.”

Adding that her selling sex appeal is different from selling sex.

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Wow. Nicki got really honest about the impact of her sexual image. I’ve never heard her be this candid about it.

News of Minaj’s newfound “know your worth” ideology comes days after the release of her promo single, “Rich Sex”, on Monday — which includes lyrics such as “A-a-a** out, p***y fat, point me to a rich n**ga”.

Minaj also feels that she may have contributed to the influx of girls who “sell” sex appeal online.

The contradictory nature of her music and the interview set Twitterverse on fire, and many questioned if Minaj is going through an identity crisis.

emotional shawty@King_Alu

were the barbs not trying to end cardi’s career for queerphobia (that nicki has been guilty of too in the past btw)? why is it a problem now for the barbs when nicki being dragged for slut shaming/shaming sex workers?

ha ho nyowa ha ho nyowe@Neo_url

What Nicki is practicing is called lateral whorephobia, where women who sell sex/sexual content in one way soothe themselves by shaming those who sell it in a different way.


Wow. Nicki got really honest about the impact of her sexual image. I’ve never heard her be this candid about it.

Vienna Black@itsViennaBlack

Cardi b foheva


So when she was calling herself Nicki Lewinsky and she would top off Wayne, what was she selling? Her last name in her rap name is a play on words of a sexual act. She should just say she can’t sell sex better than a girl who was a sex workers.

Free Range Rooster@HumbleTeej

Nicki callled her album Queen and bout to drop mad respectability bars. Yikes


Only folks on my tl i see criticizing Nicki for her interview are folks that rode for her from the jump. done had her as their AVI. their usernames. been tweeting lyrics, etc. so you gone have to find another deflection besides “yall just wanna be mad/are haters” to gaslight with

Whoremione Granger@dreeyuhh

Nicki being a wack bitch doesn’t surprise me but I’m cackling bc prior to Cardi she was all for hoes. 🌚 bitch rapped about eating pussy but she’s so modest now 🌚🌚


Not to mention the song she just released, called rich sex, which is literally about sex for Money

Shahem .@PettyNegr0

Anyways, Nicki should really work to word her thoughts better because I know she had no intentions of slut shaming. Discussing topics like this is like walking through a mine field. Barbz, saying stuff like you don’t feel bad for sluts doesn’t help, and that’s that on that.


Nicki Minaj’s “Party years” are over. @RationalMale already hip schooled me. Of course she is going to look down on women that youth/sex wise can be her competition.

She’s ready for a king now conveniently as she becomes older.

Problem is, women not in her position can’t be


I read the article, Nicki Minaj did NOT try to slut-shame any woman. In fact she went as far as kinda deeming herself unfit to tell women to “close their legs” as she admits she herself is guilty of selling sex in way.

I applaud her for being brutally honest about her image.

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tsunami taj@EverythingTaj

Nicki Minaj really sat in that interview & shamed the exact kind of women who go the hardest for her. I do not understand.

Twitter user @SoualiganAmazon made a thread breaking down the problematic nature of the “Chun Li” hitmakers statements, emphasising that Minaj has centred her career around the male gaze when it came to sex-related things.

My name is Phoenix@SoualiganAmazon

So much of Nicki’s work centered the male gaze when it came to things sex related but she rode the ”sex posi feminism, whew!” bus so that no would would call her an attention loving, hood rat “whore”. Now it’s “know your worth”.

My name is Phoenix@SoualiganAmazon

Clearly you knew your worth when you sold your sexuality & changed your image to clime to the top, Barbie.

And you know what, it’s yours to sell. No hate. Make your bread.

What you NOT gone do is shame & police women for also using their sexuality to eat.

My name is Phoenix@SoualiganAmazon

Lmao and it’s NO coincidence that she mentions IG girls & strippers but I am sleep.

We had a whole decade of Nicki presenting herself as an object rather than a subject even when she had creative control but now it’s •your sexuality isn’t a commodity• OK

My name is Phoenix@SoualiganAmazon

A lot of the rapper girls that are coming up/are popular on IG have pasts as sex workers. More than one have shared their stories of homelessness ect.

Onika just sounds pressed.