Law & Crime

The uncertain future for transitional justice in Zimbabwe

November 30, 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s newly inaugurated President, suggests that Zimbabwe is witnessing new democracy. Many Zimbabweans, and those with an interest in the country, wonder whether that would include openness and some degree of truth and justice for political violence suffered under […]


Smart-balancing China

November 27, 2017 Staff Reporter 0

How do you deal with an inscrutable, revisionist and rising superpower next door with whom you have had a historical rivalry and whose brazen inroads into your traditional sphere of influence leave you embittered, but […]


What G40 defeat means to Zimbabwe

November 25, 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Future historians, when most of the facts are in, will be able to write more satisfying explanations and interpretations of the momentous events which happened in Zimbabwe in November 2017 and to assess the lasting […]


Mnangagwa’s poisoned chalice

November 24, 2017 Staff Reporter 0

ZIMBABWE’s incoming interim president Emmerson Mnangagwa might have survived the poison that nearly took his life in August this year, but will he survive the poisonous legacy that his predecessor Robert Mugabe has left him? […]

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