Zimbabwe’s Quest for Legitimacy

December 20, 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Events of November 2017 in Zimbabwe represent the culmination of a crisis whose tenets include a crisis of legitimacy. One of the most urgent tasks for Zimbabwe’s new government is the restoration of legitimacy, in […]


Beijing Bids Goodbye to Robert Mugabe

December 19, 2017 Staff Reporter 0

As the line of Chinese-made armored vehicles rumbled into Harare last month, Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old dictator, Robert Mugabe, must have wondered what happened to the “all-weather friendship” Beijing always said they shared. For nearly four decades, […]


Chamisa on Washington trip

December 14, 2017 Staff Reporter 0

Below is a statement by MDC-T vice president on the visit to the United States which has attacked spirited social media debate and condemnation by the government in Harare. I AM so delighted to be […]


Rethinking politics in Africa

December 10, 2017 Staff Reporter 0

There is a widespread assumption that presidents in Africa who rule for long do so out of personal greed for power. This accusation has been made against Robert Mugabe who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 before […]

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