So it was Chiwenga, after all?

November 11, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga is crouching under a downpour. And it seems he has little space to run into, so chances are high he may drown in the rain. Corruption watch WITH TAWANDA MAJONI First, he […]


Zimbabwe as a new gateway into Africa

November 5, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

On Friday afternoon of November 2, 2018, I visited Surface Wilmar based in Chitungwiza, Harare. The company is owned by one of the largest companies in the world in the production of edible oils, based in Singapore. […]


Mthuli Ncube not knight in shining armour

November 1, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

Thomas K McCraw once wrote a book titled The Founders and Finance. In this monograph, the elderly Harvard University-based economic historian detailed why Alexander Hamilton’s 1790s sound management of the United States’ economy is regarded […]

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