Lord Hain’s Zimbabwe hypocrisy

March 18, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

The British peer and anti-corruption campaigner, who spoke out against state capture, is doing business with some controversial characters. By Amabhungane Peter Hain, a British peer made headlines in South Africa when he campaigned against […]


A glimmer of sunshine in Zimbabwe

March 11, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

As state security minister in the 1980s, he was in office during the Matabeleland massacres that killed as many as 10,000 ethnic Ndebele in an effort by the ruling Zanu-PF to crush political opposition and […]


The Story of Elizabeth Tsvangirai

February 23, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

A true Mirror of human rights encroachments faced by Widows in Zimbabwe By Patience Sibanda (intern at Zimbabwe Democracy Institute) The ill-treatment of widows was more like a norm in traditional Zimbabwean societies as people […]

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