Human skull eats cattle

August 25, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

A Binga man tired of being poor consulted a sangoma that advised him to bury a human skull in his kraal to change his fortunes. More than 20 years later, the skull has brought nothing […]


Family flees from mysterious fire

August 17, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

A family from Marange is living in perpetual fear after a mysterious fire torched three huts and reduced all household property to nothing. So strange is the fire, which occasionally resurfaces burning thatch grass, maize […]


Baboon disturbs funeral service

August 11, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

FUNERAL proceedings came to a standstill at a local parlour in Donnington, Bulawayo on Saturday after a baboon allegedly stormed a chapel in the middle of a service. According to witnesses, terrified mourners scurried for […]


Disabled sex workers’ horror

August 4, 2018 Staff Reporter 0

IT’S tough but we have got to keep on moving! That’s a statement one gets from the eyes of a sex worker living with disability when she speaks about the harsh environment she operates in […]

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